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This is the best thing i have ever used for my windows 10. I found out about this because my school used it for the computers. It is great, I have never ever seen an ad on my computer since I got it. It even removed ads on youtube

Will Gilberti

Thank you for this great app AdBlocker devs! It's been working great for me for several years that I've been using it. I don't recall ever having any problems with it at all


LOVE it. Blocks ALL ads on youtube and makes browsing faster. I hated Adblock PLUS because it DISPLAYED ads, but, AdBlocker is a whole lot better and blocks ads


Works very well. No issues what so ever. Love that the whitelist function is so easy to use as well because I like to whitelist my favourite youtubers and streamers

Sinem Mısır

Great! Annoying ads didn't show up anymore



What is AdBlocker extension, and how does it work?

AdBlocker is a browser extension that filters unwanted ads from webpages, improving load times and reducing clutter. It scans page elements against filter lists to prevent ads from displaying, offering users a cleaner online experience and enhanced privacy protection.

Does AdBlocker slow down web browsing?

AdBlocker can sometimes lead to a slight reduction in web browsing speed because it needs to scan and process webpage elements before displaying them. However, the impact on speed is generally minimal and often imperceptible for most users.

How can I whitelist websites I like while using AdBlocker?

To whitelist websites, go Whitelist section of AdBlocker settings and add websites you would like to whitelist.

Is using an AdBlocker legal?

Yes, using an AdBlocker is legal in most countries. It operates within the user's browser to block webpage elements. However, it's important to respect website terms and consider supporting creators dependent on ad revenue.

Are there any websites where AdBlocker should be disabled?

Yes, some websites request that users disable AdBlocker to access content, as they rely on ad revenue to support their operations. It's essential to respect these requests and consider disabling AdBlocker for such websites to help sustain their free content.

Are there any privacy concerns with AdBlocker extension?

No, there are no privacy concerns with AdBlocker. The extension is designed to block ads and enhance the browsing experience without collecting or tracking personal data.

Does AdBlocker block all types of ads?

AdBlocker is designed to block a wide range of ads, including banner ads, pop-ups, and video ads. However, it may not catch every single type of ad, especially if ads use unconventional methods or if they are integrated seamlessly into the website's content.

Does AdBlocker affect website revenue and content creators?

Yes, AdBlocker can have an impact on website revenue and content creators. AdBlocker prevents ads from displaying, which reduces the potential revenue that websites can generate through advertising.

Can I customize what gets blocked by my AdBlocker?

Yes, you can allow search ads and the self-promotion of websites, phishing and malware protection.

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