About Us

We deliver a seamless, ad-free online experience for Chrome and Edge users


At AdAway, we’re passionate about creating a smoother, distraction-free online experience for everyone. With the ever-growing presence of ads on the web, browsing can often become cumbersome, slow, and irritating. That’s why we set out to develop Ad Blocker designed exclusively for Chrome and Edge users

Our team recognized the need for an effective and easy-to-use ad-blocking solution that genuinely puts users first. Unlike many other tools out there, we believe in complete transparency. Our extension is 100% free, with no hidden costs or upsells

Being an independent team, we are nimble, innovative, and always in touch with the needs of our users. We’re not just developers, we’re everyday internet users who know the pain points of navigating the web filled with pop-ups, video ads, and other intrusive advertisements. That shared experience drives our commitment to excellence and user satisfaction

Our core values are:

  • User-Centric Approach:We prioritize our users’ needs and feedback.

  • Transparency:No hidden fees, no misleading practices.

  • Commitment to Innovation:Regular updates to tackle the newest ad formats and techniques.

  • Privacy First:We block trackers to protect your privacy, ensuring your browsing habits remain yours alone.

Feel free to reach out to us anytime. We’re always here to listen, help, and continue providing you with the best ad-free browsing experience.